The Benefits of Having a GPS

Lots of classy control systems of the modern automobiles need measurements of vehicle’s attitude. The commercial GPS systems are method of option for measuring approach in lots of aircraft & farm automobile applications, however are not usually used on the automobiles. Prohibitive aspects of the commercial GPS systems on car include their high cost & significant loss of reliability & signal availability in the urban road settings.


The modern automobiles are prepared with various control systems MaxiSys Pro, which improve passenger safety & comfort. These systems take in anti-lock brakes, disparity steering & cruise control. Recently, the automotive GPS systems also got added to lots of cars for exercise in positioning purposes, permitting driver to view their position on map, and get directions in the real time. Advent of the GPS receivers in the cars has efforts to improve existing systems, and to make new ones like car following & lane keeping control. Some of these systems need measurements of vehicle’s attitude.


Few other type of interesting integrations & functions of the automotive GPS control system are that color LCD monitors on a few automotive navigation systems that can as well be used to show television broadcasts and DVD movies. Some systems integrate with phones for the hands-free talking & SMS messaging. Automotive navigation control systems will include personal info management for meetings that is combined with traffic & public transport system.


Safety Features


Vehicles made by Subaru * Lexus, and Lexus’ company, Toyota, exclude many of features when vehicle is in the motion. Manufacturers state this is safety feature to evade driver being distracted. Lots of users have also complained that the passengers are not capable to enter location while in the motion, even if it is very safe to do. Additionally, the drivers have also complained that it is unsafe to pull off highway & stop than it is to enter destination in a system.


The automotive system is satellite navigation system that is designed for the exercise in automobiles. It normally makes use of GPS navigation system to obtain position data to place the user on road in unit’s map database. By using road database, unit will give directions to the other locations all along roads in its database. The dead reckoning utilizing distance data from the sensors attached to drive train, gyroscope and accelerometer is used for the greater dependability autel online, since GPS signal loss and multipath will occur because of urban canyons and tunnels.


Advantages of this kind of GPS unit take in low cost and capability to move them simply to other automobiles. Their portability states they are simply stolen if left in the vehicle however can’t be stolen if driver carries it with him while he gets out. In addition not having compass, accelerometer and inputs from vehicle’s speed sensors, states that they can’t navigate as precisely by dead weighing up as a few built- in the devices when there is not any GPS signal. More current portable devices like TomTom 920 have inbuilt accelerometer to attempt and address this.

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Small Cars Have Arrived – Says Toyota & Volkswagen

At the first automotive motor show of the New Year in New Delhi, India, things seem to have suddenly become hot for almost all the major automotive companies. Be it the Volkswagen, Toyota or General Motors. Every company seems to be making efforts to come up with a solution to the needs of emerging economies like India and Latin American markets.


So, what makes these automotive majors to rush and make a beeline for markets outside the West? Well, you may be wondering on the reason for such a flight from the West to Asia and the Latin American nations.


First of all, it would be suicidal for companies to leave the West. So, while the West market remains intact there is no denying the important fact that the West is still to recover from the onslaught of Recession. Look at General Motors that sought Bankruptcy protection under the Chapter 11. Now compare this with India and Brazil. These countries are already over Recession. Disposable income of citizens is increasing and the population is just right to afford a massive audience.


The sheer volume of potential sales is a driving force for companies like Toyota and Volkswagen to step in these automotive markets by offering newer and modern looking cars that are priced right under 10000$. Toyota has on display a concept car that is priced under 10K. It’s named Etios and should be commercially available in 2011. Volkswagen has priced Polo under 10K and is going to market it in the next 3 months or so. Add to that the General Motors’ Beat that is being touted as a face-saver for the ailing GM. It is already being booked and is available under 10K.


All this implies one thing; the automotive companies of the world have woken up to the vastly untapped markets of India, Brazil, Russia and some other Latin American countries as a way to minimize their reliance on the West. It becomes a dual-advantage. On the one side, they split their eggs in 2 baskets and on the other side they are able to design newer cars that are suitable for newer markets.


And all this has been made possible by the sharp and talented automotive designers of these companies, thus allowing them to boost their bottomlines and ensuring a growth chart that does not solely rely on the West for everything. One must compliment the research and development teams in having risen to the tough challenge of producing quality cars that befit the specific requirements of these countries.


While the Detroit Motor Show is one step away, the eagerness of Toyota to launch Etios in India does signify a recognition of the massive market offered in India. There is no denying the fact that existing car manufacturers in India have had a merry run so far.


Given the penchant for European cars, it will be a tough challenge for Suzuki and Hyundai when Volkswagen assumes active role. Come to think of this. When Skoda came over in India, few would have given it the chance of so much success. And with Volkswagen indicating its willingness to make available Global models in India, time seems to be just right for them to tap the Indian audiences.


Toyota has further showed willingness by announcing that it intends to launch the hybrid Prius in India as well Autel MaxiSys Pro.


All this is a pointer to the fact that the world is becoming a smaller place for the automotive companies. Armed with solid research and development, it remains to be seen if the companies like Toyota, Volkswagen and General Motors are able to come up trump in their fight against existing players like Suzuki and Hyundai.


Only time shall answer this question; for now I am happy at how things are evolving across the Globe. I, for sure, will expect a lot at the Detroit Show in the US.

Rob May is an avid automotive expert who follows the automotive segment across the Globe Autel MaxiSys MS908. He writes on automotive subjects, green cars, and also offers suggestions on fuel cards that are suitable for fleet management. Rob recommends a fuel card analysis for every company of size. This ensures that you are able to create margins out of your fuel spending.
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The 2010 XF Offers the Jaguar Heritage But With a Modern Twist

The British car manufacturer Jaguar has a reputation of being a luxurious and opulent brand but one that is geared more towards an older demographic due to the classic styles of its vehicles. Now all of that is about to change dramatically with the introduction of its 2010 Jaguar XF Autel MaxiSys Pro. This model was just introduced to the public in 2011 so it’s quite a newcomer to the midsize luxury sedan segment. Its design is striking, up-to-date and thoroughly modern; it is completely different from any other Jaguar every produced. This car has a sporty bold look; it’s aggressive and modern looking with lines that are usually found on a sports coupe. The vehicle’s gorgeous body is perfectly accentuated by slick eighteen inch wheels and an automatic sunroof enabling you to enjoy the cool breeze as you cruise down the street in glamorous style.


There are different engine choices available, all with varying degrees of power. The XF Premium trim comes equipped with a 8 cylinder 5.0 Ltr with 385 horsepower. The XF Supercharged engine has the same specs but puts out 470 horsepower. The ultimate Supercharged XFR puts out a total of 510 horsepower and 461 lb feet of torque. This car handles extremely well on the open road and is quite agile, while acceleration is immensely powerful due to the substantial amount of power. The base model receives approximately 16 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the freeway.


The interior certainly makes an impression due to its opulence and technical advanced gadgets and instruments which include a start button that flashes red and pulses when you start the engine plus a rotary shift dial which magically emerges right into your hand. The climate, audio and navigation system can all be controlled through a seven inch lcd touch screen. The upper level trims come equipped with a premium stereo system manufactured by B&W which provides up to 440 watts of crystal clear sound. All trims include a dual zone climate control system, keyless ignition, compatibility with Bluetooth devices, lush leather seating and a navigation system with up to date traffic news. JaguarSense allows you to activate the cabin lights by simply moving your hands close to the lighting surface. Trunk space is extremely generous at 17.7 cubic feet, which is actually the largest in the XF’s class ds808.


The issue of safety has been thoroughly emphasized by Jaguar with the inclusion of an air bag system with active head restraints. Other safety precautions include ABS and Traction and Stability control. The upper level trims are available with an optional blind sport warning mechanism.


If you want a high performance vehicle that can compete with cars like the Benz CL65 AMG, then this car may just be right for you. The XJ still offers the Jaguar heritage and Legacy but now with a modern touch and high tech gadgets. If you choose the Supercharged XFR trim you receive a beast of a car that can run with the best in the luxury midsize segment. The cost of the base model starts at around fifty one thousand dollars and may increase depending on the trim and options.

Written by Jacqueline Star: Jaguar Bay Area, Land Rover Bay Area, Used Cars Riverside
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Talon Hood – Low On Price, High On Value

The hood of the car is one of its most visible parts. And it does not seem to be doing much other than sitting like a lid on top of the engine compartment for cars that have the engine out in the front. On the other hand the hood does have a lot of potential for making the car look more stylish. And that is the reason why people like to have new hoods installed for doing up the stock car. And you would think that is what you need to know about the carbon fiber hood as a car aftermarket product. And if you own a car such as the Eagle Talon then that is a great reason for you to go in for a Talon hood Advanced Version of DS708.

But that is only a part of the story. The car hood weighs a lot and when you replace it with a carbon fiber hood which is much lighter in weight, you reduce the weight of your car significantly. This improves the power to weight ratio of the car because now the same car engine has to carry along a lesser weight. Your car will become more lively and you will find it more fun to drive.

But that still is not the complete story as far as the Talon hood, that you should consider, is concerned. Since the weight of the car is reduced at the front of the car there is now lesser load on the front wheels. Therefore when you command them with the movement of the steering wheel they will be able to respond more easily because they are not as much weighed down now Autel MaxiSys Pro. This gives you improved handling of the car and when combined with the increase in liveliness it gives you a great value proposition as far as driving your car is concerned. You will have an enhanced driving experience once you go in for the carbon fiber talon hoods.

You can choose a Talon hood easily by going online. You can select the design and motifs that appeal to you and know the costs of the various options. You will then be able to make a confident well informed decision.
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Suzuki Parts Include Excellence

When buying automotive parts, you want to know that you can depend on the brand that you buy. With all of this uncertainty, how does a consumer know they are getting a quality assurance with their purchase? After all Autel Maxidas DS808, there are so many less than honest manufacturers looking to make a quick buck off of people who are tricked into buying their products. This has lead many people to be wary of buying any parts to service their vehicles as they are wary of parts with short lives that may potentially damage their cars. Fortunately, there are some good companies with long histories of providing quality vehicle parts and accessories. The makers of Suzuki parts provide a long history of reliability and durability in their manufacturing standards.


The Suzuki Motor Corporation is a diverse company based in Japan that delivers a variety of high standard vehicles to Suzuki dealers. They have been producing parts since 1909 when they started as a weaving loom company for Japan’s silk industry. In 1937 Suzuki first attempted to create motorized vehicles; however it was not until 1952, with the ingenious invention of motorized bicycles, that Suzuki took off as an automaker. The motorized bikes, which they were the first to market, became well known for their quality construction, life span, and excellent design. They impressed the Japanese patent office so much with their designs that the government granted them a financial subsidy to continue their motorcycle research.


In 1985, General Motors expressed interest in the company and formed a strategic alliance to market the Suzuki Cultus in the United States as the Chevrolet Sprint. Later that same year, Suzuki released the Suzuki Samurai which would help to make the company the most successful Japanese automaker during the first year in the U.S.


Since then, Suzuki has continued to release a number of highly successful and innovative vehicles and top performing auto parts. They have also continued to partner with General Motors to create a number of excellent vehicles filled with top of the line Suzuki parts.


Today, millions of drivers purchase Suzuki automotive parts to help build and maintain some of the most reliable vehicles on the road. Suzuki is world renowned for their reliability and their dedication to offering an excellent driving experience Autel MaxiSys. Using innovation and creativity, the Suzuki brand has become known for high quality products. That quality has been passed down through their automotive parts and is a founding part of their management philosophy.


When buying automotive parts, it is important to trust the company that you are buying from. With Suzuki, you receive a quality assurance that you are buying the top of the line in products that will keep your vehicles running for longer without problem or concern. For the average consumer, this means that Suzuki can survive in today’s market and weather the future as well. A company that can rise above these economic crises is one to be trusted as high quality. Being innovative and striving for excellence solidifies Suzuki as a name you can trust.

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