Two Way Radio in an Age of Cell Phones

Late in 2009 a woman was injured when her ATM rolled on top of her. Fortunately she wasn’t alone but her companions weren’t able to get help because they were travelling in, a remote part of Arizona and had no cellphone coverage. All was solved when her colleagues flagged down a car which happened to belonged to Hal Whiting, an experienced radio ‘ham’. ‘Ham’ or amateur radio enthusiasts are all over the world and have tudied emergency procedures.


A brief look at a map of cellphone coverage will show you that there are still many areas where cellphones are essentially useless. As a result there is one piece of equipment you should never leave home without if you are visiting one of these more remote areas, and that’s a radio. If you’re a resident, you probably understand the remoteness of your area and travel prepared, with extra food and water for example, and perhaps using more than one car. Visitors, however, often underestimate the power of nature and, especially if they come from cities may not realise how patchy, even non existent cellphone service can be.


Just last year, Hal Whiting, an amateur radio ‘ham’ from Utah, was travelling with friends in Arizona. Knowing the remote nature of the area he had taken his own precautions, but around 70 miles into his trip he was flagged down by another motorist asking for help as there was no service for his cellphone. Learning that the situation was an emergency, Whiting, the radio ‘ham’ broadcast for help; a woman had been injured when her all terrain vehicle had rolled on top of her; she was now conscious but in a lot of pain.


Whiting eventually reached a radio operator called McGee who lived some 50 miles from the accident. McGee called 911 and explained the problem to the Sheriff’s office who asked for GPS co-ordinates to the accident site. No-one could provide those, so Whiting’s co-driver drove to the site of the accident, using Whitings hand held radio’s to stay in touch with the rest of his party and, when he arrived Autel MaxiTPMS PAD, to relay information on the woman’s condition to Whiting who then relayed them by radio to McGee who relayed them to the 911 dispatcher. A helicopter was sent to take the woman to hospital in Las Vegas where she later recovered.


So many things were necessary to give this rescue a happy ending. We take communications for granted, but without them, even small incidents can become serious. Had Whiting not had his radio equipment with him, had McGee not been listening at the other end, had Whiting not had hand held radios available and working, the situation might have been very different. Cellphone coverage is not universaland, however with cb radio and amateur radio well established emergency guidelines are in place Autel MaxiDiag MD808. Also as we have seen, as far as ham radio, someone is always listening. Do you need to know more about amateur or CB radio?

If you would like to learn more about CB radio or 10 meter radio you can visit us at 10 meter radio has become more popular because they offer greater power than a traditional CB radio.
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Trust Exotic Motors For High Value Kirkland Car Body Repair

With so many car repair specialists across the State of Washington, it can be difficult to know who to trust when it comes to providing the high quality maintenance that your motor vehicle requires. One of the important signs to look out for when an organization has a long history of experience within the car repair field and can prove that they have the innovative equipment to ensure that all repairs are completed professionally and within a consolidated time period. It’s these qualities that have helped Exotic Motors become the top Kirkland, Washington specialist for car body repair.


Exotic Motors has a 25-year history in providing high quality car body repair services to residents of Kirkland, Issaquah, Redmond and Bellevue among many other Washington State cities. Within the company’s history they have developed long-standing business relationships with some of the leading dealerships in the local area. This means that they’ve become trusted by professionals who know the industry inside and out and can offer high caliber solutions to common car maintenance issues.


One of the great ways in which Exotic Motors is helping clientele to consolidate the cost of car repair is by ensuring that each member of their staff undertakes the I-Car training process. This means that every employee within the company’s maintenance department has the most up-to-date understanding in terms of the training and education required to excel within the collision repair field. In order to retain this level of expertise in-house the organization employs an annual I-Car Certification process which helps technicians to review repair process and optimize their skill levels.


When a client comes to Exotic Motors to have their vehicle repaired, they will go through a highly regimented and streamlined process. This process begins at the check-in stage, where a qualified technician will check the vehicle and plan the necessary repairs to take place within the company’s facility. The company specialists will document and photograph all damage to the vehicle at this point to ensure that repair staff has a full understanding of the job at hand.


The next element in the process involves the disassembly of the car body to ensure that the Kirkland repair team has direct access to all areas of the vehicle that require repair. Once the relative areas of the vehicle have been disassembled a company estimator will then review the damage and add any supplemental damage to the repair file. The next step in the process involves sourcing and utilizing the ideal part for the repair job. The company employs a large team of parts experts to ensure that parts are in the ideal condition for integration into the client’s vehicle.


Once the parts have been placed into the vehicle, the prep team then goes to work to prime, block and sand the vehicle body so that Kirkland residents achieve the highest quality aesthetics for their car repair. These aesthetics are then finalized by the paint team, members of which each have the requisite skill and years of training to guarantee a superb final good-as-new finish to the car maintenance process.


For a full-service repair solution to you most pressing of car repair needs, contact the team at Exotic Motors today. One phone call could save you thousands on your next vehicle repair Autel MaxiSys MS906BT.


About Exotic Motors:


Exotic Motors is an I-Car gold rated facility with a 25-year history supplying drivers in Issaquah Autel MaxiCOM MK808, Bellevue, Redmond and Kirkland with the highest quality of car repair found anywhere within the local industry. For more information, please go to Exoticmotors.

Over the years and have grown and expanded into one of the area’s best known and most trusted body shops. We service the areas of Bellevue, Issaquah, Kirkland, Redmond and more. Website at .
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Truck Grilles – For Style And Presence

When things look familiar and along expected lines they cease to have much of a presence. On the other hand something that looks fresh and surprisingly different in its style gets noticed immediately. Style is not so much about quantity as it is about quality. And you can take advantage of this fact when you plan to give your truck a customized look. Therefore when you will look for aftermarket products to enhance the look of your truck unless you have a major over haul of the looks in your mind you should look for products that have a big impact without requiring a big expense or a big effort.

And thankfully there are options that will help you to add a personal touch to your vehicle without spending a lot of money or undertaking a huge task. One such option is to go in for a new truck grille. A grille is a very visible component of the car’s looks and often it is used by the manufacturers to indicate that the car is made by their company. For this the grille has some aspects of design which states the fact that this car is made by a specific manufacturer. But beyond that the design is open to interpretation by others.

And if you will go online to check out the truck grilles on offer you will be amazed to find the amount creativity that finds expression in the design of these grilles. You will surely be able to find one that appeals to you and sets your pulse racing autel. And since these grilles are available in different materials you will also be happy to find that they are available over a wide range in terms of cost Autel MaxiSys MS906TS. You will find stainless steel, aluminum and ABS plastic grilles are often available. These are easy to fit, whether they fit on top of the existing grille or replace the existing grille entirely. Once you have bought the new grille you can enjoy the customized looks for your truck very soon. You will get great value for your money and your friends and colleagues will admire your smart looking truck. 
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Trick Out Your Truck With Truck Accessories

For those who own a vehicle having a requirement for a high amp alternator and it goes down, odds are great that this isn’t the grocery getter. I’m ready wager that this vehicle is needed with your business or occupation and you require it back up and operating fast, and you also demand it to last. High amp alternators are ordinarily utilized for EMS vehicles, commercial trucks, excavators, refrigerated trucks, industrial equipment, and mass transit vehicles. Usually, these vehicles requirements include for high performance alternators with 24 volt capacity Autel MaxiSys Pro. The kind of amperage they feature shall be needed for these high performance vehicles along with vehicles that use many truck accessories and other devices that require high amperage.


The first step for you to get your vehicle back on the road and working for you is to obtain a neighborhood vendor of motor vehicle supplies Autel Diaglink. You’ll have to be sure you’re acquiring the correct alternator for the vehicle since they all perform differently, and they also all fit certain engines and engine bays. Top brand names to be on the lookout for consist of: Bosch, Delco Remy, Prestolite, Mitsubishi, Denso, Nikko/Komatsu, and Valeo. These brand parts contain a great reputation for being reliable and durable. It is exactly what you will want within your vehicle should you want them to keep working for the longest possible time, and reduce down-time.


When you’ve got the right alternator and are prepared to begin be certain you’re not dressed in loose fitting clothing or jewelry which could catch and get ensnared. You’re able to remove the power source at this time to begin removing your existing alternator. You need to do this by disconnecting the battery and turning the battery switch to “OFF.” Then loosen the mounting and tension bolts on the older alternator to remove it. Once it is actually out you can use it as a comparison with the new one. Do the mounting holes match when set against one another? If not you need to look into getting an adaptor or bracket from a local machinist.


Now affix the mounting foot to the engine mount, using the bracket if needed. You may have to add shimming to make sure of a mount that’s secure. If you’re mounting a dual footed alternator, do not tense up the bolts so much that the 2 mounting ears are compressed. You will see a design feature within the rear bushing that will allow you to slide and tighten the mount.


Inspect the alternator pulley and be sure it’s aligned with the engine pulley. This will be your chance for making final shimming adjustments. In the event the water pump is a component of your configuration make time to ensure all three run together well.


Attach the output ground cable, field wire, stator wire, as well as any other wiring that is a part of your assembly. Now connect your alternator wire to the regulatory wiring harness. Consult your manual for the dimension of the alternators positive and ground cables. If you’re doing so, this is the time to install a fresh regulator as well as its wiring. You’re almost done, the only thing that is left is to do your final checks and your new high amp alternator should be prepared to go.
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