Forgotten how to have fun? Get one of these little babies and it’ll feel like your 10 again.


If you are looking for a gas powered remote control cars that can go as fast as 50-60+ miles per hour, then probably, this is exactly what you are looking for Autel MK808. The 1/8 gas cars go 70 – 80 mph in racing competitions. These cars are also called Remote Control Cars due to the nitro methane content of the hobby fuel to increase the speed. Popular are the 1/10 on-road nitro touring cars.


For newly acquainted, electric remote control cars are more popular because it is easier to control and maintain. Electric remote control cars have standard set of components for the control. The toughness of performance of the cars vary depending on the kind, some are made purposely for rough roads, etc. Once the cars speed up and start the exhilaration, you will definitely enjoy the magic of gas powered remote control car autel maxidas ds808.


In RC cars forum, great reviews are posted for all best car models. For exciting dirt action, the 1/8 off-road gas remote control buggies are the fastest around an off road track. These cars possess 4×4 engines and machines that could reach up to 40+mph.


Wondering why gas powered RC car so well-known? There are many answers to that question yet the best maybe due to its powerful features and tune-able properties. You can actually set it up with your preference setting.


It is has a little difference compared to a real car. The accessories that go with each model can make you drop your jaw in amazement. These cars also have great advantageous features.Aside from these two reasons, the gas powered RC car is durable. Gears of the toys can also be replaced.


Are there RC cars for big boys? Big remote control truck are made specially for big boys. You have the options to change previous settings and make it run as fast as 65mph per hour. Apart from these couple justifications, gas powered rc trucks are incredibly strong and rugged. The amazing well-tuned shocks and springs is what makes them suitable for high jumps and bumpy roads.


Maintenance is the most important thing to bear in mind when we’re talking about gas powered RC cars. Check the oil regularly. Some car parts are wear and tear that it requires more attention than the others.Without getting too technical, your RC car has to be treated properly. Using it without handling it with care might result to early destruction.


Having gas powered RC cars means taking the responsibility of taking dare of it. Take care of your cars because it might become a classic someday.


New gas powered remote control cars will be out on the market soon because of continuous innovations so better collect some of it now to acclaimed a title of a future hobbyist. If you’re looking for a great hobby, then, these what gas powered RC cars could give. As conclusion, have with you now a gas powered remote control cars to experience the satisfaction a hobby could give.



Alston Lorenzo is an avid car enthusiast and races rc cars as well as them being a passionate hobby of his. Visit his site, for more information on rc cars and trucks.
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VW Polo

Volkswagen Polo – a car in its (Optimus) Prime?


Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Even at this relatively early stage of my life there’s loads of things I wish I could’ve done a bit differently or encountered a bit sooner. A prime example would be the family holidays I used to go on. I was quite fortunate in that the three of us have seen most of Europe and lots of America. I remember all sorts, from jumping into a Volkswagen Polo hire car in Ibiza, long before I was aware of what those who aren’t on a family holiday do in Ibiza, to sitting in a Delorean at Universal Studios in Los Angeles.


Whilst I always appreciated my holidays, now I’ve got a job, a mortgage and have to pay for such luxuries as holidays myself, I wish I could’ve made a bit more of the family trips than I did. It’s a similar story with music (which for the biography is as much a love of mine as cars). I lap up all sorts of audio, but my two big regrets are missing the boats that are Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins in their prime Autel MaxiSys Pro. The former came to a climatic end when I was only ten, so there’s not a lot I could do to change that, but the Pumpkins are a different kettle of fish.


I’ve known of them for years but it’s only this week I’ve truly discovered their brilliance. The problem is, I’m about twelve years too late from their prime so for all the excitement of hearing their stuff, I know I’ll never get to see them play live (or at least not in their original guise). It really is frustrating considering the dross that is popular in today’s music (I sound like my granddad!)


So where am I going with this whimsical tale of missed opportunities in my youth? I think the message is simply: just because something’s been around for a while, don’t take it for granted or assume the newer variations on an old theme are better. A prime example of this is the very car I sat in the back of years ago in Ibiza – the Volkswagen Polo.


The Polo has been around an astoundingly long time for a car – first hitting showrooms way back in 1975. It’s easy therefore to denounce the Polo as nothing more than a car over thirty years old that really should be collecting its pension each week and leaving the business of driving to the youngsters. However don’t make the mistake I‘ve made of taking for granted a great situation and not fully appreciating it.


Despite the age the Polo’s heritage harks back too, the latest model is no old man when competing in today’s market. Currently not the baby of the Volkswagen family thanks to the Fox and Lupo, the Polo emits a certain quality not found in all super minis Autel MaxiSys MS906BT. The styling is as you’d expect from a car designed to attract all spectrums of taste and is therefore subtle but still good-looking. A personal favourite are the rear light clusters that wouldn’t look out of place as Optimus Prime’s eyes in the Transformers sequel.


Essentially being a shrunken Golf, the Polo handles all situations very well, whether it’s city speed humps or countryside cornering. The entry level engines are a tad underpowered which mean more driver involvement to get going – great if you’re in the mood for working the engine, not so if you want to get from A to B quickly and peacefully.


The interior is the usual grade ‘A’ fare as you’d expect from a German manufacturer, with a chunky steering wheel conveying the quality of the cabin as a whole. On a personal note, I have a thing for blue neon lights so the Polo is heaven, with the majority of the instrumentation bathed in its soft glow. Rear legroom is good as is the boot space so it ticks all the boxes for a family shopping trip. Safety features also abound, with stability control and brake assist found on all variants. Residual values tend to stay high with Volkswagens, so if you do come to sell, this should be the least of your headaches.


It’s a busy crèche the baby Volkswagen finds itself in, with the Peugeot 207, Renault Clio, Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa all fitting contenders for your money. Just remember when you’re looking for a new car, not to overlook the elder statesman, else you’ll miss a great car in its prime.

Tom London describes what the latest Polo has to offer as he checks out a local VW Dealer
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Volkswagen Polo Price

Unlike Maruti or Chevy, Volkswagen is not a well known car maker in India. Before the polo, it has smaller presence in the Indian market. To be honest, many Indian customers don’t know Skoda and Audi are part of Volkswagen group (thanks to clear branding). Yet, Polo is house hold name in India. The roadblocks and extensive PR activity has done wonders for Polo and Volkswagen. Volkswagen has crafted the branding exercise exceptionally now its the time to actually perform.


Volkswagen has finally launched the Polo in India. The most hyped car and the car which has won ECOTY (European Car Of The Year) is here. We check out how polo fares in the Indian context


Test Drive


From Mumbai to Pune Via Amby Valley




Polo is simply pleasing! the segment buyers cannot take the decisions on their own, it should be a collective one. The car should be acceptable to all the family members. Sure, with its neat styling Polo would please all Autel MaxiCOM MK808.


The blend of modern and conservative lines makes the polo very attractive. For the Indian version, Volkswagen has added lotsa chrome – in the front grille and the headlamps.




The sharp edged headlamps and the prominent grille gives the polo a sporty profile. The side is characterized by taut lines. Volkswagen design team is said to have insisted on having alloy wheels on all variants.


Even the base end variant – Polo comfortline (in the picture) comes with aloy wheels. At the rear, the VW logo stands out, even from a distance you can spot-on the polo. Sadly,the tail lamps reminds me of old Maruti Zen.




Two three potters – 1.2L petrol and 1.2L diesel are the engine options for the Volkswagen Polo. 1.2L gasoline is the same unit which powers the Skoda Fabia and it produces 75PS of peak power at 5400rpm and 110Nm of peak torque at 3750rpm.


The oil burner which displaces 1200cc develops an identical of 75Ps of max powere at 4200rpm but a higher 180Nm of peak torque at 2000rpm. The diesel unit is a toned down version of Fabia’s unit to avail the small car excise duty.


Both the engines are coupled with 5-speed manual transmission. The volkswagen team has said an automatic variant of Polo is on the cards.


Performance and Fuel Efficiency


We test driven the Polo diesel much longer than the Polo petrol Autel MaxiTPMS PAD. But that’s not the only reason i’m inclined to Polo diesel than petrol. The 1.2L diesel is responsive and has enough grunt throughout the power range.


As typical of any modern diesels, the turbo kicks-in only after 1800rpm and engine comes to life only thereafter. But it has strong midrange and more surprisingly impressive top end too. We managed to hit a maximum speed of 160kmph.


Polo petrol


Coming to the Polo petrol, 1.2L barely manages to pull the polo. You have work between third and fourth gears to overtake a truck. There is not much room for spirited driving. Also it is not that refined as one would expect from a Volkswagen.


As per Arai, the fuel efficiency of Polo petrol is 17.2kmpl and the mileage figure for polo diesel is yet to be revealed.


Suspession and Tyres


Our test drive polo runs on larger 185/60 R15 tyres which is standard for top end Polo highline variant. Polo trendline and comfortline sports 175/60 R14 tubeless radials. The disc brakes at the front and drum at the rear are standard.


The lower variants which lacks ABS tend to lock-up under heavy braking but stopping distance is impressive.




The hairpin curves on the way to Lonavala could be the best place to test the handling characteristics of Polo. Like the punto, the polo chassis runs on much powerful engines in Europe. It caters the 1.2L with ease.


But the electrical power steering is lighter which is a boon in tight traffic conditions and parking, but even at high speeds it fails to gain weight.


Polo is nimble and sporty. The enthusiasm of polo driver cannot be stopped by the spiral roads. Polo moves with confidence and the handling is just about perfect. Only the best handling machines like Fiat Punto and Maruti Swift pose a challenge here.


Volkswagen Polo

Vickynitin is a popular enthusiast on Indian automotives. He writes about india car and answers many user queries.
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Villa Automotive-Autobody

The Gold Shield Program is designed to make the Smog Check Program more convenient for consumers. It allows a licensed Smog Check station, that meets higher performance standards to provide a variety of inspection and repair services to California consumers. In addition to the regular Smog Check inspection and repair services, Gold Shield stations can inspect and certify “Directed Vehicles,” issue certificates to “Gross Polluters,” and perform state subsidized repairs through the Consumer Assistance Program.


The purpose of a brake and lamp inspection is to assure that a vehicle being issued a salvage certificate is in a safe and roadworthy condition prior to being retitled. When you “revive” a salvaged vehicle, either due to accident damage or theft of the vehicle, the California Department of Motor Vehicles considers the ownership of the vehicle to be changed, even though the owner remains the same.


DMV requires that a State Licensed Inspection station conduct a thorough and complete examination of these critical components which may have been possibly damaged or misaligned due to an accident or as a result of theft damage. A vehicle may also need such an inspection to correct a defect cited by a law enforcement agency such as the California Highway patrol. This is called a Brake and Lamp Inspection and when successfully completed, a certificate is issued to be presented to the DMV or California Highway Patrol as proof of correction of any cited condition and the safety of the vehicle.


Smog Check Program Areas
The Smog Check program divides the state into three different types of areas depending on the severity of the smog problem in that area. These areas, Enhanced, Basic, and Change-of-Ownership Areas, may require different Smog Check inspection equipment and different licenses. The area in which a vehicle is registered will determine which type of test a vehicle needs; the area in which a station is located will determine which licenses the technician needs to possess and what equipment a station must have to test vehicles in its area Autel MaxiSys Pro. The ZIP Code locator function on this www site can be used to determine in which type of area a station is located or a vehicle is registered.


Areas of the State
All areas of California require Smog Check inspections when a vehicle changes ownership or is registered for the first time in California Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS. Most areas also require testing every two years, at the time of registration renewal. The Smog Check program divides the state into three areas, with different requirements for each:


Enhanced Areas: These areas do not meet federal or state air quality standards for ozone and carbon monoxide and are California’s smoggiest urbanized areas. Biennial Smog Checks are required here. Fifteen percent (15%) of the vehicles in these areas must have their biennial Smog Checks performed at Test-Only stations.


Basic Areas: Vehicles in these less-smoggy areas must have biennial testing at licensed test-and-repair stations. Change of Ownership Areas: These more rural areas of the state require emissions testing only when a vehicle changes ownership or are registered for the first time in California.


Testing Equipment
New Equipment in Enhanced Areas: Enhanced Area stations use new equipment called the BAR-97 Emissions Inspection System (EIS), which uses a treadmill-like device called a dynamometer to simulate actual driving conditions. BAR-97 measures oxides of nitrogen (NOx), hydrocarbons (HC), and carbon monoxide (CO). Large trucks, some four-wheel drive vehicles, and some vehicles with traction control will continue to receive BAR-90 inspections.BAR-90: Vehicles registered in Basic and Change of Ownership Areas continue to be tested on a BAR-90 system that performs a 2-speed idle test which identifies HC and CO levels only.
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Vehicle Shipping For Exotic Luxury Cars

If you need to ship an exotic car or a high-end luxury car, you don’t want just any shipping company handling the job. You need to choose a company that specializes in vehicle shipping and that has an extensive history of successfully delivering rare and valuable automobiles to destinations throughout the world.


So, how can you make sure you choose the right vehicle shipping company to deliver your exotic car? Here are some tips to help you out.


• Stay away from normal shipping companies—The simple truth is the big boys in the shipping industry just don’t have the capabilities to properly ship an exotic vehicle Autel MK808. Exotic vehicle shipping requires extra care and attention that these larger shipping companies just can’t provide. Instead of choosing one of these shipping companies, find a company that specializes in vehicle shipping services. Working with a car shipping expert will ensure you receive the best, most reliable service possible.


• Find an experienced vehicle shipping company—The vehicle shipping company you choose should have an extensive track record of delivering vehicles domestically and internationally. More specifically, you want to make sure the car shipping company you choose has experience delivering high end exotic luxury vehicles. Ask the shipping provider for references from past customers who have shipped high end vehicles. Talk to these references to gauge their satisfaction level with the shipping company Autel Maxisys MS908CV. The best companies for shipping cars have been shipping a wide range of cars for a few decades.


• Get a shipping quote—Let’s get one thing straight right away: You don’t want to choose an auto shipping company based on price alone. Doing that will cause you to end up with some half-rate shipping company that offers poor service and shoddy delivery techniques. At the same time, you also want to make sure you’re not spending more money car shipping than you need to. The best vehicle shipping companies provide free instant quotes online, allowing you to compare prices from one company to another.


• Purchase vehicle shipping insurance—No matter what kind of vehicle you’re shipping, you should purchase shipping insurance, but this is especially true when transporting an exotic car. Exotic luxury cars are not only costly, but they are usually rare and difficult to replace as well. Furthermore, repairing exotic cars can be a hassle and expensive. Vehicle shipping insurance will cover you fully should any accidental damage occur during shipping.


• Track shipment online—If you’re like most exotic car owners, your car is your baby. Whether you’re shipping it a few states away or across the globe, you want to know exactly where your car is at all times. Find a shipping company that offers 24/7 real-time shipment tracking online. This allows you to see exactly where your shipment is at any moment simply by typing your tracking number into the shipping company’s website.


Shipping your exotic car doesn’t have to be a nerve-racking experience. Choosing the right vehicle shipping company will make the entire process fast and easy.

Vehicle Shipping and Shipping Cars by Amerijet International, Inc.
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